About Me

Hi! I am Crystal Herbrand and I am the owner at A Healthy Glow Spray Tanning Studio. I opened A Healthy Glow in December of 2011. The most common question I get asked is “How/Why did I start spray tanning?” Well, when I was 28 years old I found out I had melanoma skin cancer. I was lucky enough that we caught it early, and was able to get it removed before it spread. I am so thankful I went to the dermatologist to get my skin checked once a year. I then decided that I was never going in a tanning bed again, it just isn't worth the risk!! But, I still wanted to be tan, because lets face it, you just feel better when you have a little color.


I am very passionate about what I do and LOVE my job. I take time with each client to go over what they are spray tanning for and what their desired results are. We can do a touch of color or a right off the beach tan. I try to educate my clients on how to achieve a natural, long lasting tan without the risks of laying in a tanning bed.


I am married to my husband Rob, and also a mother of two wonderful little girls!

I completely understand how hard it is to find time for yourself, so I always let my clients know that they are more than welcome to bring their kids along to the appointment.




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