How to Care for Your Spray Tan


Right after your spray tan


  • After your spray tan try to avoid getting wet, sweating or any sort of exercise. Doing any of those will result in uneven development, streaky or a patchy tan.  (No manicures or pedicures after your spray tan.  Try to schedule those before your spray tan or the following day.)


  • I highly recommend not wearing a bra or a tight strappy tank top for at least 4 hours after your spray tan.


  • Avoid any sort of tight clothing like skinny jeans or leggings. 


Day(s) after your spray tan


  • The next day or 8-10 hours after your spray tan make sure to shower. You will notice the cosmetic bronzer will rinse away, this is totally normal. 


  • When shaving make sure to use a sharp razor. I recommend using a brand new disposable razor(Bic) every time you shave.  I also recommend using conditioner or coconut oil when shaving.  Shaving creams and gels are very drying and can remove your spray tan. 


  • DO NOT scrub or exfoliate your skin!! 


  • Pat dry when done showering.


  • Use a clear gel cleanser or one recommend for spray tanning.  DO NOT use bar soap, Dove or a moisturizing body wash. 


  • Moisturize AT LEAST 2X a day. Keeping you skin moisturized will help your tan last longer and fade evenly. Try to avoid drugstore brand moisturizers, they are usually a mineral oil based lotion and mineral oil will strip away your spray tan. I carry a great line of moisturizers/tan extenders that will prolong your tan and get you the most out of your spay tan. 







**Aftercare is VERY important!**



Moisturize, Moisturize


Special Tips


  • Anti-acne products that exfoliate, or dry the skin- Accutane, and Salicylic acid, can affect tan fading.


  • A womenÂ’s tan may develop differently during various hormonal changes (ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy) It may be streaky, patchy, fade worse, or produce lighter or no color.


  • Bug spray, perfumes, body sprays when sprayed directly onto skin, can remove or fade the tan.  Instead, spray on your clothing or spray and walk into it.


  • In winter skin is often very dry, and tan will fade faster. Switch to twice daily moisturizer use. Use a lotion after showering on damp skin. Try a heavier body cream, or butter, just before bed. Body Butter can also be used twice daily. Regular light exfoliation can be helpful.