Preping your skin for your spray tan is every important!!  Having rough/dry skin will result in a uneven or patchy results.  You want to have well maintaiend, moisturized skin.  I recommend, if possible, to start moisturizing your skin twice a day and drinking lots of water at least a week before your spray tan.  (That is what I recommend for aftercare also, so it gets you in the habit)


For your best results I recommend the following:


  • Shave and exfoliate the day before your spray tan. It is best to use an exfoliating mitt/glove or gritty cleanser. Don't forget to exfoliate feet, heels, elbows and any other areas that have dry patchy skin.


  • After exfoliating apply lotion to rehydrate your skin.


  • If you are planning on waxing I recommend doing that 24 to 48 hours before your spray tan. 


  • The day of your spray tan NO LOTION, it will create a barrier between your skin and the spray tan. I also recommend no make-up or deodorant. I have cleansers and wipes here if you need to remove make-up and deodorant here. 


  • I recommend bringing or wearing dark loose fitting clothes for after your spray tanning session. 


  • I do provide disposable undergarment for you to wear if you wish.


If you have any questions,  please feel free to call 608-850-9004. 

How to Prepare for your Spray Tan

Special Tips


  • Don't shower right before your spray tan, if you have to just rinse, no soap.


  • Always wash your body after you condition your hair.  Conditioner can leave a residue behind on your skin.


  • Never use bar soaps or Dove products. 


  • I have exfoliating wipes here if you didn't have time to prepare.


  • Drink at least half your body weight in ounces on a daily basis. 

One of my favorite ways to prep my skin is to use DERMASURI.  It is so easy, you just use water. 


Available at A Healthy Glow for only $19.95

   So, how is this different from loofahs and body scrubs? The unique fabric literally grabs and sloughs off dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and simply rolls it off for a deep exfoliating scrub. While using the mitt in the shower or bath, you will visibly see dead skin cells which appear like small rolls coming off, and will notice soft skin with an immediate smoothness and glow.


  • Smooth skin surface for even tanning and self-tanning products

  • Improve circulation, stimulate collagen and fight aging

  • Reduce ingrow hairs, bumps, and clogged pores

  • Help even skin tone and prevent dullness

  • Absorb skin care products more effectively

  • Remove impurities and rejuvenate skin